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Clay Cart Theatre is an organization based in Pune that primarily works in the field of Theatre. We at Clay Cart have always focused on creating, developing and presenting various Performing art projects, which are contemporary and are impactful as well as entertaining to our audiences. We have been known in the industry for our tendencies to experiment with our art & craft and our compulsive need to always try to bring something new to the stage as well as the masses. We have a team of dedicated, trained and experienced artists at Clay Cart who always believe in our Motto – ‘Making Art Happen

Our Aim

We aim to bring new and innovative ideas and concepts to put it forth our audiences since art is known to be the mirror of the society. We are industrious towards our ambition of the assemblage of Indian Theatres under united banner so that we can together take it to its magnanimous glory.

We are Grateful

Clay Cart has always been blessed and fortunate to have had a support & first-hand account of Theatre-related experiences from many great & honourable artists from the Performing Art Industry in India as well as abroad. Artists like Ashwini Giri, Anna Boras, Deepak Garud, Parimal Phadke, Keshavchaitanya Kunte and many more, have graced us with their presence, enlightened us with their advices and have ushered us like beacons of guiding lights. We are ever grateful for their immense help & support and we value, cherish & respect their contribution to our team and organization.  

Our Name

We aim to take the Theatre Scenario from India to the Global Stage (level), beyond the limitations of borders, cultures, languages and nationalities. This is precisely why we were inspired to name our Organisation after the first-ever Sanskrit Classic Drama that was staged at the National Theatre, UK in 1992 by Jatinder Verma, – The Little Clay Cart aka Mrichchhakatikam.    

Get Involved with us

At Clay Cart, we have always strived for the idea of inclusivity as well as collectiveness. We always look forward to working with artists from different social, cultural and educational backgrounds. Any artist who has a passion for theatre – irrespective whether the artist has had an experience in Theatre or Performing Art is welcome at Clay Cart and will always be encouraged to work and participate in numerous roles that come under any field of production.

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